Land Pooling Policy a Decent Move but Implementation Might not be

The ministry of Urban Development has given the its operational plans for the land pooling policy, but in implementing this there are several obstacles.Conversion of 89 revenue villages into the urban village is the most prominent among all other declarations.

The policy will remove the gaining of land for the purpose of development.This permits the residents that are of specific, area to pool together the land and after the development hand over it to the DDA. From this apart will be returned to the developer to construct houses. It is said by the experts the policy that this is going to hit the  market in Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad.

The policy has given many options to the home buyers in Delhi.Even the investors and the individuals are keenly waiting for the instruction to be reported, though the policy was proclaimed in 2013.In this a great number of informal civilizations and the originator objects have already been created.The outer Delhi  land has been bought hoping that the policy may notify it soon. Currently the agriculture land comes under the pooling policy.

The Government of Delhi will very soon declare this for the progress area for the policy to be recognized on the ground. It is also important to keep in kind that they may not get the land what they are pooling together. Though they will gain the land within the radius of three kilometer they pooled. There were anxieties that the policy would be strong-minded to the farmers who own huge areas of land and DDA has to keep in notice this criticism.

The farmer those who have a land area between 2 and 5, then they will give 8% of the land for residential purpose. It means in  place of having 43% land for the residential buildings, they will get 35% than those farmers dont have to pay exterior charges. Delhi will require 25lakh houses to meet the demand of housing by 2021.